Tuesday, April 13 2021

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Beyond is available again with the Oceana Short as a wig option ;-)

"Life is what you make it - but to make a fulfilling life, you need to go above and beyond."
The brain makes up only 2% of our body mass and yet uses up 20% of our energy. For this reason, our brains have developed to be as energy efficient as possible, and one way it does this is to make sure we take the easy path - humans are lazy by default.

As hunter-gatherers on the savanna many moons ago, humans needed to expend much energy and risk their lives to scavenge for resources and hunt for food. Now we live in a society that has been crafted to be so convenient that there is little need to expend energy at all - it takes a mere 10 millionth of a calorie to click a mouse button and have food/resources arrive on the doorstep - all without the risk of being eaten by a large bird of prey.

The society we live in strengthens our default programming to be lazy through the convenience of transport, food supplies, and the Internet. For this reason, many of us continue to live in the comfort zone until it's time to kick the bucket.

Two rules govern the world we live in - "high risk, high return" and "no pain, no gain." If you find yourself in the comfort zone, you need to ask whether it fulfills your needs - if it does, then that's fine - if not, then it's time to go above and beyond.

Beyond is a reminder that if you have needs that the comfort zone can't fulfill, you need to take the risk and prepare for the pain of going above and beyond. The bigger your goals, the higher the hurdles will be and the harder you will fall when you trip on a hurdle.

Each fall will be painful, but you will have gained the experience needed to tackle the next hurdle.

The risks you undertake may be substantial, but you probably won't need to worry about being eaten by that large bird of prey.
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