Monday, April 5 2021

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Updates! The shipping time stated on all product details by default is now 15 days - there are exceptions so check before ordering.
This means that you should expect to wait at most 15 business days before your package leaves the nest after placing an order. Folks who ask "why has my stuff not shipped?!" within the 15 business days will have their package taken out of the queue. We will presume that they wanted faster processing times so we will confirm whether it is OK to continue shipping or whether they would like to cancel.
If the customer would still like to ship, the package stays at the back of the queue.

Of late I have learned how some e-commerce giants force their staff to process a certain amount of packages an hour - and that they are expendable if they cant. I understand that consumers are used to next-day delivery from these companies and that the same is expected from us.

Which is why it's important for me to regularly set expectations. Our team members will never be forced to work longer hours to assemble or process orders - it has never happened once since launch in 2014 and will never happen on my watch.

There is a countdown timer placed on some products. This is done because we want to focus on quality rather than quantity. The more orders we take, the more time we need to ensure quality - and there are only so many hours in the day. Increased revenue means nothing if we end up with sick overworked team members.

Timers will activate again once we reach our max load capacity. Some of the current girls on sale may be put on longer timers so that we can release new girls.

A Smart Doll shown wearing a white sports bra in the photos means they will come with one. However, at some point, the sports bra may change to gray without warning. If this is not cool then maybe hold off from ordering.
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