Thursday, April 1 2021

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Setting and adjusting Smart Doll eyes had always been a time consuming task - until now. Introducing the Eye Cradle for Smart Doll.

Smart Dolls are shipped with the eyes attached to the head using blu-tac. This is much more costly than using a glue gun in terms of material cost and the time it takes to attach the eyes. However, this method not only enables us to adjust the position with precision, it also allows the owner to easily remove and reuse the blu-tac when swapping out eyes.

We have been trying to figure out a way to easily set the eyes in a Smart Doll head for many years spanning hundreds of prototypes - check the photo ;-)
The one-size-fits-all Eye Cradle fits most anime and semi-real style Smart Doll heads - the exception is Code Geass guys, Eiji, Crimson, Spike and Chitose Classic.

The Eye Cradle has only been tested with Smart Doll acrylic eyes. It will not work with resin or third-party eyes without modification.
If you are like me and have to change eyes on a regular basis then this should save you a ton of time. You may want to nab a few cradles and set different color/style eyes to each cradle which will save you time when swapping out styles.
Have a look a the 9 pack grid of photos - the first step is top left.

All you have to do is put blobs of blu-tac behind the eye, attach them to the cradle antenna and then insert the cradle into the head. Check the eye position so see if it looks odd - if it does, take out the cradle and adjust the eyes again - repeat until you feel that the eyes are in a position that doesn't give you the chills.
The cradle is not fixed in place until the next step so you can easily adjust the eye position.
Finally, place a blob of blu-tac on the CJ logo and the sides if you want - then put the cradle back inside the head and push down on the cradle handle.
The product detail page is up on the Smart Doll online store and will be released soon - as always, please read the blurb on the page before buying.

I just realized that the Eye Cradle looks like a Minion if you attach an eye to the CJ Logo.

Concept by Sg Chang, design by TOYA.

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