Monday, April 19 2021

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I took these photos at the end of Feb, but I never got round to sharing them. We have constantly been looking for travel destinations that have as few humans as possible during the pandemic. This usually involves traveling outside of Tokyo.
This time we are in Niigata, which is a 2 hour Shinkansen bullet train ride north of Tokyo. These photos were taken around Echigo-yuzawa station where we got off to explore before taking another train to a nearby village.

There was still a lot of snow, but the temperatures were comfy - probably because of the gorgeous weather. Yuzawa is a resort town in the Japanese Alps with a few ski areas but we were there to relax and enjoy the hot springs and lovely views.

When Japan opens up again, do make a point of visiting places other than Tokyo and Kyoto. I've got a ton of photos to share, so I will do a few posts of our trip over a few days.

Are there places that you enjoy visiting in Japan that are not big cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya and so on?
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