Tuesday, March 23 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Another prototype using the new G07 head mold. She bears a lot of resemblance to Prophecy but this is not her as Prophecy has 3 eyes.

The face design is done in a way that somewhat amplifies the tear duct eye hole shape, giving her a deep-in-thought look to her - almost as if she wants to tell us something.

She is next in line to get electroplated for paint mask production. But she needs a name or at least a code name.

We actually use code names when working with vendors to hide the product's real identity - this is especially important for licensed characters.
I got used to working with code names when I was working at Amazon. All projects were given a code name so that if anybody outside the company overheard a conversation, they wouldn't know what in the world was being talked about ;-)

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