Friday, March 19 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The feature that lets you post your Instagram photos to the product detail pages on the Smart Doll Online store has been given a revamp. Now your post shows up together with your profile info and has more prompts encouraging interaction and new followers.

Over the past few months, @nani_angels09 @karmycat @nebula427 @mikela_frost and @my_smartdoll_girls have submitted the most posts by product count - as a thanks I would like to send them yet to be released apparel/accessory goodies together with their next order. I will DM these folks later with details.

I never got around to regularly giving out goodies, but we now have workflows to facilitate the process. An algorithm works out who the top contributors are based on product count (not photo count).
Some folks will understandably find this unfair but I do want to reward folks who not only constantly pick up Smart Doll loot - but also share their Instagram posts on our online store ;-)

Folks who end up being a top contributor a few times in a row will get a free Smart Doll of their choice - this does not include licensed products ;-)

Submitted photos can contain any of our products regardless of whether they are new, regular or discontinued.

Submitting your Instagram post to multiple products is now easier than ever. Hit the "SUBMIT" link in the main menu on the online store. There is also a link on every product detail page above the Instagram posts.

Paste in the link of your post in the INSTAGRAM POST field and hit "Add." Confirm that your post shows up in the preview and type the product you want to add in the PRODUCT SEARCH field. Let's suppose the photo you are submitting contains 5 products; you can search for and add multiple products in one submission.
Submissions are usually approved within a few days. I will write up a post for the online store with more nitty gritty, but this should be enough to get you started if you have not joined in on the shenanigans.

I think this feature benefits our ability to provide transparency into the products while increasing the discovery of the many Instagram accounts that continue to share their Smart Doll goodies. #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #fashion

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