Thursday, March 18 2021

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The G07 head mold is ready, and prototypes are well underway. The mold features a slight tear shape eye hole with puffier cheeks and fuller lips. This is the G07 version of Genesis who I am calling "Genesis 2" for now. If you prefer the current Genesis who breathes through her ears, then nab her now as version 2 will replace her.
The new version looks like a younger sister of Genesis. My photos don't do her justice at all - I can't wait for you to meet her in person - she is such a cutie!

I never got around to talking about why Genesis was named so. "Genesis" has a few meanings, and I first learned the term in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. My fave Star Trek movie is still Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - its sooo good!

Genesis means "the origin or mode of formation of something" - our Genesis was the first of our semi-real line of girls after many years of working solely on anime-style designs. The semi-real style platform enables our team to broaden their skills and creativity through the different challenges that the sculpts pose.

I want to clear up some confusion while we are on the subject of the semi-real styles. While the semi-real style girls have brought in many incremental customers, their creation is not done to appeal to a different customer demographic. Smart Doll has been and will always be a platform for our team members to experiment with and create the types of anime or semi-real styles that they want, regardless of whether the designs appeal to anybody or not.

One of these photos is of Valiant - the girl who decided that she would not try to hide her birthmark with makeup anymore. Valiant sells the least out of all our Smart Dolls. Even though she does not appeal to the masses, she will always be readily available as a frontline product. She gets to stay around while other better selling girls get discontinued. The reason is that we do not care whether she sells or not - it's representation that counts. Valiant carries one of the most important messages of our brand - don't live one's life for the sake of what others want or think.
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