Monday, March 29 2021

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From the ashes of the post apocalyptic era, the Solar Marines rise once again to hunt and destroy an emerging threat - The Entitled.

Before the post apocalyptic era, The Entitled were the cause of human misery across the planet but were mostly wiped out during the Chaos Wars. Remnants of the once elite Entitled have now reformed in the Gotanda Savanna and vow to restore misery to the human race once again.

Once enemies, Humans and Interstellarians join forces to form the second battalion of Solar Marines.

The return of the Chaos Wars is inevitable, but this time the Solar Marines will bring order to Chaos by removing what powers The Entitled - Entitlement...

The new uniform has been designed specifically to pilot the Quantum Retrograde Fusion Bikes which are armed with the devices that targets and destroys the source of The Entitled.

Designed by our resident seamstress Mii-chan, the Solar Marine uniform has been redesigned with pants and given a weathered look to better fit the post apocalyptic landscape.

I need to take the uniform out for field testing while we do stain tests in parallel to establish whether the stain rating will be Low, Medium or High.

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