Sunday, March 14 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

This is Fortitude in the Tea skin tone and if you have not already guessed from the amount of times you see me take her out - she is one of my fave girls. When I saw her prototype at first, the mouth looked really odd to me and still does - but there is something about the blend of the bits I like (eyes, eyebrows) combined with the somewhat odd mouth that l personally find appealing. We did make a prototype of her with a mouth that looked like Kizuna/Athena, but the Fortitude design lost its appeal without the original mouth. I guess that the correlate amount of imperfection really does make her perfect in my eyes.

On a related note, I saw that there was a huge amount of pushback on the semi-real line of Smart Dolls that we develop - voices from folks who ended up getting one - or two ;-)

Are there Smart Doll characters/sculpts that you first thought of "meh" that you eventually ended up buying?
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