Wednesday, March 10 2021

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I love the post-apocalyptic/dystopian genre - the inherent wabi-sabi aesthetic resonates well with our design philosophy of embracing imperfections. We had been using bio and stone washing techniques to achieve a distinct weathered look for a while now, but I've always wanted to try something different with dyeing techniques.

We sought the expertise of Uchida in Tokyo who has been in the dyeing business for 110 years. We met up during the pre-corona era and have been working together ever since on many prototypes.

Our first project is the Mura Dyed Slim Pants that employs a "mura" pattern - "mura" meaning "uneven" or "irregular."

The pants are a tight fit and when your Smart Doll is sitting down, you may notice some moonshine glowing from behind. If your Smart Doll gets shy from moonshine then just make sure they are wearing undies. In the UK we call this "builders bottom" - no - not a good idea to do a Google image search.

While I personally haven't experienced any staining, there is a risk thus I'm going to give this item a stain rating of "medium."
If you are worried about staining, then you should wear these with some stain prevention leggings - have a look at the photos to see how you should wear them as it will be a tight fit and most likely cause you to break out in a sweat trying to get both the leggings and pants on.

You do need to remove the feet before you try to put these on. These pants do not have pockets for your girls to hide snacks. They will not fit the guys.

As the bottom of the legs are slim, you'll be able to tuck them into a pair of boots.
Made in Gifu Japan. Please read and learn about the mura dyeing technique in the attached image before deciding to buy this item.
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