Tuesday, March 9 2021

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The Takashin Boots have evolved over the past few years from being a round toe back in 2018, pointed toe in 2019 and now as a hybrid lace boot - introducing the Takashin Tripwire Boots (graphite).

Designed to match our line of Post Apocalyptic wear, the extra-long lace is used as a tripwire for unsuspecting zombies. When not in use, the boot's six eyelet placement allows you to create creases in the shaft with the boot's collar open or closed.
Thread the lace through the eyelets as shown in the photos and pull down on both ends of the laces which will crease the shaft of the boot - then wrap the rest of the lace around the boot and tuck in the ends in one of the nooks and crannies.

If your Smart Doll finds themselves in a heavily populated zombie area, they can wear the boot plain and wrap the lace around their wrists instead for easy tripwire access and placement.

There is no right or wrong way to wear the boots - let your creativity decide. Boot Cuffs and molotovs sold separately.

Made in Minami Senju Tokyo.

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