Tuesday, March 9 2021

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Where possible, I will post descriptions of a product before they drop. This is so that folks understand the product gotchas before they decide to buy ;-)

Introducing the Post Apoc Sweater & Sports Bra Set.
In a post apocalyptic scenario, resources are minimal where humans would scavenge and make do with what's available. Survival naturally has a higher priority than "keeping up appearances" - thus clothes are made to keep warm or cool rather than look good. Where there are not enough fabrics, humans of the post apoc era would patch together what they can find.
This sweater symbolizes two things - "work with what you got" and "don't give a sheep about what others think of your attire."

For whatever reason, not all of us will have the means or resources to do or make what we want. But it is this sort of restriction that enables us to innovate as a species. Complaining about what you don't have will bring you nothing - while the will to work with what you got will bring you a step closer to what you are trying to achieve.

Living in a post apoc environment, out running zombies and scavenging for resources to make medical kits or molotovs will give you a survival advantage over spending time on how you look.

Oh wait - I just remembered that we actually *are* living in a post apoc environment. So there you go - a great opportunity to rethink how much time you are spending on appearances for the sake of others.

Made in Kyushu Japan, the Post Apocalyptic Sweater and Sports Bra set is designed to look like something that would have been patched together. The edges are not stitched and while they will fray over time, they won't fray into oblivion. Joins are backstitched for reinforcement.
The things that may bother folks are the bottom of the sweater that will curl up and the sleeves' length, which are designed to cover most of the hands.

The sports bra has stitched straps but the seams are left flat to better suit being worn beneath the sweater. 

This item goes well with the Slim Mura Pants and Harness too. This is a two piece set consisting of the sweater and sports bra. Panties, sky or buildings are not included.
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