Saturday, March 6 2021

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Before we start releasing goodies next week, I need to set expectations regarding the merging of multiple orders.

Even though we state "ships out within 2 - 5 business days" on all product detail pages, some orders can be on the plane the day the order is placed. We do not want the "ships out within 2 - 5 business days" to give the impression that one can place a subsequent order within this timeframe and expect it to be merged with their previous order.

Where possible, we endeavor to merge multiple orders and refund any excess shipping fees. We are not in the business of profiting from shipping fees - in fact we still pay much more shipping fees to ship by DHL or FedEx.

However, once an order has been packed and placed in the staging area ready for a pickup, we will not recall the package to merge multiple orders anymore.
We understand that the customer wants to save on shipping - and we do our best to accommodate - but the resources needed to recall, unpack and repack a package is an extremely costly process in terms of the team's time.

In the past, we even went as far as to recall packages that have already reached Narita Airport so that we could merge and refund shipping fees. This process alone took up huge resources which unfortunately we cannot spare any more.

We want to release more items regularly, meaning that new goodies may get released after you have placed an order. We will merge where possible - but won't always be able to.
Even if a package has not left the nest, the staging area can be packed full of boxes - hunting for a particular box to reopen and repack is something we are not doing anymore.

Some folks that have placed multiple orders who want to merge to save on shipping may understandably find this unacceptable. If this is the case, I would like to remind folks that they have the option of avoiding disappointment by doing a search on YouTube for "rickroll 4k" ;-)

I hope this is all kushty - if so then new goodies for you from next week. A load of them :-)
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