Tuesday, February 9 2021

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The last time I built a PC was 20 years ago - the bulkiness of the ATX cases, thick IDE cables, and compatibility issues made me never want to build one again.

Today, things are very different, and what with sites like pcpartpicker.com, you can check for compatibility issues before buying the parts. I went for a Mini ITX board and an open case so the footprint on my desk is much smaller - and I love the aesthetic.

I want to talk in-depth about my first PC gaming rig and how it lead to our next business line, but I would go over the word limit for this post. dannychoo.com is getting a revamp where I plan to write not only about PC building/gaming, but about running a business in Japan, architecture and interior design too ;-)

My rig has already been evolving over the past few weeks. Some PC parts can be hard to get hold of in Japan but there are second-hand sites like mercari.jp - its like the Ebay for Japan.

I did end up paying quite a bit more for the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Founders Edition but anything to beef up the Half Life Alyx experience ;-)

I stumbled across two items of data that i found interesting - apparently a third of the worlds population plays games, and that the gaming industry is bigger than the music and movie industry combined in terms of revenue.

What genre of game is your fave? FPS? Platform? Retro? VR? I like VR a lot of late but have been playing a bit of Hitman 3 and Cyberpunk on the new rig. I still love retro gaming too.

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