Thursday, March 4 2021

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Unity is getting the Semi-Real treatment. I'm not sure if her anime-style version will stick around so if you prefer that one then get her now.

Unity is wearing the final version of the shoulder holster that we revealed last year February. It's taken a while to figure out the wet forming on a production level and sourcing of wet-formable leather in the thickness we needed. We made quite a few prototypes to make sure the shape and size were consistent during production and I think you will like it - but a few caveats.

The nature of leather is such that there is a possibility that it leave a stain so either prepare an i-dont-mind-getting-stained tee or be wary of how long you leave the holster in direct contact with vinyl.

I personally have not seen staining even when worn with a camisole but I am obliged to let you know the risks so that you can decide yay or nay - even if it means less sales through the warnings.

I wanted to create a holster for quite a while as I love characters such as Lara Croft and Jill Valentine. But instead of guns, I purposely designed the holsters to be void of a weapon shape - instead, think of them as snack holders - you can fit (very) small snacks or a couple of micro SD cards in them.

The buckle at the front can be done up but it's a very tight fit - when worn with the Medium Smooth bust and a low rise T-shirt, your Smart Doll may cause walk-into-a-lamp-post accidents by a passerby. Speaking of which - did you know that Boba Fett's Slave 1 ship design was inspired by a lamp post design outside the ILM building?
The Shoulder holster is made in Minami-senju Tokyo by Takashin who are the same folks who make our leather Lace Boots.

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