Thursday, January 21 2021

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"Because being different is your advantage."

Human society teaches us that being different is a disadvantage - that we should strive to fit in and shun those that do not.

However, what billions of years of evolution have taught us is that being different is the key to survival. DNA mutations gave species survival advantages enabling them to adapt to ever-changing environments and evolve to outlive species that stayed the same as the rest.

What we can learn from this is that regardless of whether we are different from birth or by choice, one should never allow others to convince us to conform to be the same as the rest.

Your difference is your advantage because it will empower you with knowledge and strength through the events (both good and bad) that only you can experience.

As for Anomaly - it's up to you to decide whether she is a real zombie by default and cosplays as a human or the other way round ;-)

Their product detail pages are online now ready for email alert signups. Which of the two do you prefer?

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