Wednesday, February 3 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I was supposed to keep up with the "A Week in Tokyo" posts but I've not really been anywhere of late, what with the national state of emergency.
I spend my time in Gotanda Tokyo where I live and work - I literally live 30 seconds away from the office.

We do go out for groceries, and as you can see, food is plentiful (toilet paper too.) Most folks wear masks, but you may occasionally see somebody without ane - but that's really once in a blue moon.

Vaccinations have not started in Japan - nobody really knows when it will begin - how about in your neck of the woods?

My desk at home already looks different from the photo in the pool but I want to talk more about my workflow and optimizations in a Desk Diary which will include my new PC gaming rig ;-)
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