Thursday, December 31 2020

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A lookie around the office for our last working week of the year. 2020 brought about the biggest changes to the business since we launched in 2014. The pandemic forced us to take risks that we would have never previously have taken - but I'll end up going over the character limit for a social media post so I'll do a write-up on the Smart Doll Online store later.

Our three floors are looking in better shape since our two big moves that started in November. The cleaning helped us realized what we needed, what we didn't, and what we should be doing more/less of.

Smart Doll sales increased by quite a margin during the pandemic, but if we kept running at the pace we were going, team member (including wifey and I) burnout and quality taking a huge dip were going to be inevitable - and thus I decided on taking a pit stop instead of making more moolah. This is one reason why there haven't been any big releases for the past couple of months.

Before we ramp back up to the pace we were going at, we need to put in measures so that the business can scale without scaling the stress too ;-)

Those measures include redesigning most of the molds (both vinyl and injection) to increase production efficiency. We also need to work on the workflows for many aspects of production, including frame building, vinyl flash cutting, body building etc.

The most exciting part of all of this is that we get to start again with learnings from the past.

2021 is going to be a great year for Smart Doll and I look forward to sharing it with you all ;-)
Have a safe and happy new year ;-)
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