Wednesday, December 2 2020

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Most newbie orders have always been by parents buying for their children but even more so during the holiday season. We know this because we now follow up with all newbie orders placed to ensure the address/email is correct and ask who the Smart Doll's are for.

It's heartwarming and humbling that folks have decided to invest in a Smart Doll for their child (or grandchildren).
Many parents tell us how their children plan to make apparel for their Smart Dolls, and because of this, I've made it a priority to release more free apparel patterns - and more regularly.

More parents have been sending in photos of their children - these are of Maxine in New Zealand, Nico in Germany, Mimi in Florida, and Sarah Lynn in Belgium. I've already sent these folks some yet-to-be-released goodies for allowing me to share their photos here and on the Smart Doll online store.

If you want to send in your photos, then just attach them to any email correspondence from us - include a note stating what name and location we can use that can also be a nickname with a fictitious location like "Grogu from Coruscant."
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