Thursday, November 26 2020

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Weekly (?) Smart Doll Land summary. The producer of God Eater and the Bandai Namco team drop in again to follow up on a project that we have been working on.

Currently working on new paint booths that we have decided to make from scratch - should be ready beginning December.

We have been using Google Duo to have constant open video calls between floors for better communication - the clip on wide-angle lens on the iPad helps give a slightly better view.

Sold off the remaining Smart Doll Plus milk shell parts - all buyers will be getting the 3D STL files and links to the components that we use to assemble the dolls - but they will have to work out the rest themselves. I'm going to issue full refunds to the folks who bought the remaining sets who manage to come up with better frame ideas - has to be physically made rather than just ideas on paper.

We are working on new footwear designs but it will take many prototypes before going to market.

The Chaos outlet for apparel items is nearly ready - there will be two categories - Proto and outlet. Each category will be further divided into 3 tiers as we cant charge the same price for a jacket and a T-shirt.
It will contain many items that didn't make the cut including an off-shoulder biker jacket, weathered down jacket etc.

It's been a busy month leading up to Xmas with about 95% of our newbie orders being for children. We still can't release new items because our current workflow would end up sacrificing quality for quantity. We are constantly working on new slush and injection mold designs that reduce the failure rate.

Thats it for now ;-)
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