Tuesday, November 17 2020

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Most of our orders for November so far are Christmas prezzies for children. If you are thinking of ordering a Smart Doll as a Christmas prezzie for your child too, please order early - preferably this month. Smart Dolls are shipped out within 5 business days from Tokyo and while they usually arrive by DHL or FedEx in a jiffy, the unpredictable pandemic may want to delay your package.

If ordering for young children, make sure to tell them that Smart Dolls are not to be eaten or chewed on.

If you are ordering for the first time, you will get an automated mail straight away but a human will send you a mail usually within 24 hours confirming order details with you. We cannot ship until you respond to the mail verifying your mailing address and some other details that we may ask. Many folks type in their mailing address or email incorrectly - we need both to be correct before shipping ;-) If we do not receive a response within a couple of days, we cancel and refund your order.

But! Only order if you have enough moolah put aside - do not order if you are strapped for cash - especially during these uncertain times. Looking after yourself and family should be your first priority.

These lovely photos were sent in for our team by parents of Ami-chan in Japan, Neda in Bulgaria, TayTay in Oklahoma, Rin-chan in Japan and Ellie & Lina in California. I thought these photos matched the Smart Doll online store's look and feel so I put them on the site with permission from the parents - I also sent them goodies in return for their support.

If you want to share similar photos with our team, feel free to attach them to the support email address - or reply to any correspondence from us. If your photos are a good fit for the website in terms of ratio (should be landscape and not portrait with enough margin around the subject for cropping) and composition, I will reply to you asking for permission to use the photo on the website and send you goodies ranging from apparel to Smart Dolls ;-)

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