Sunday, November 15 2020

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2020 has brought about the most amount of changes we have ever experienced since we launched in 2014. We are doing business in ways that we would have never done before. For example, closing Mirai Store to walk-in customers was not an easy decision, but it has been the best decision when considering the health and safety of humans and Smart Dolls.

This year has been an opportunity to look at when, where, and who is doing what - and then take a step back to reboot, revamp and restart from the ground up. Many traditions have lasted since we started production - but without a regular retake at what we are doing, we end up doing things that made sense back then, which don't make sense now.

Taking over the 5th floor opens up many opportunities for change, which is one reason for the radio silence - there is so much to do! Every day feels like day one, and I'm so excited about the changes we are making.

As mentioned last time, we are holding back on the new releases and putting a cap on the amount of products that we can sell every month to focus on quality instead of quantity.

Vinyl shape and thickness will always differ each time a piece is hand-pulled from a mold, but in an effort to maintain more of a consistent experience, we are now using tools such as durometers to measure the hardness of vinyl, digital microscopes to establish whether blemishes are caused by either Mother Nature (accepted) or by a human (rejected) and also endoscopes to regularly check the gap size between the vinyl and frame.

These tools are not intended to correct any imperfect wabi-sabi blemishes created by Mother Nature which can be found in all Smart Doll products.

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