Sunday, November 8 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Time off for #TeamSmartDoll in Okinawa was like sitting on a rollercoaster on the way up to the peak - excited about what's to come but also nice and relaxing.
But then on Monday morning back in Tokyo, the roller coaster went over the peak and started its descent that sped up into what has been a hectic week. This week, we moved out of the nearby office that we were renting and took over our building's 5th floor. We also managed to ship out all orders within the 5 business days that we promise.

However, as we started to get ready for a bunch of new releases (Shiki Ichinose, Super Girl, Interstellar Blue etc), we discovered rather questionable quality of components delivered by vendors. We need time to remake those components and put new measures in place to ensure that the quality is fit for shipping.

For this reason, I am reducing the amount of new releases (for both apparel and dolls) and also putting a cap on how many Smart Dolls we ship every month. Some planned releases will have to be canceled (Clarity, Independence Tea etc). This will mean less revenue for us but I would rather go empty-handed than to sacrifice on quality and knowingly sell you poo for profit - because as we all know - karma is a beach.
The monthly cap and reduced releases will enable us to focus on quality rather than quantity. Smart Doll has been doing well but I do not want to bite off more than we can chew. I am constantly told that we could be making more money but that has never been the name of the game in Smart Doll Land.

We are still proceeding with development of named characters such as Knowledge, Dimension, Beyond etc. We are also increasing the number of vendors we work with in Japan to ensure that we always have the option to choose the best quality possible instead of relying on one source.

During this period of reduced releases, we are taking time to organize inventory and logistics processes that have been in place since I launched from our house back in June 2014.

It's a challenging time for Smart Doll but we know that poo hitting the fan is a great opportunity to change for the better - just as long as the poo doesn't have too much undigested corn :-) #smartdoll

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