Friday, October 23 2020

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There seems to be many voices of concern regarding the "lack" of anime style girls - concern on both social media and in my inbox.
The last time I checked, we got 24 anime-style girls with more in production, including Singularity (blue and cinnamon) and Ambition. Fortitude was released yesterday. Interstellar Blue is a limited run skin tone but most of the releases will be anime style.

The DC Girls (Supergirl, Pxxxx Gxxx, Wxxxxx Wxxxx, Bxxxxxx, Hxxxxx Qxxxx), Shiki Ichinose (due for release this year) and so on are all anime styles. Naruto and some guy holding a black book and will be anime style - just as keikaku.

Money is not the name of the game in Smart Doll Land - if it was, all I would do is make what customers wanted and set prices on what they feel reasonable using formulas they regularly send in. Such a business model can be sustained by lowering operating costs - lower wages for employees, squeeze our vendors for lower costs and move production out of Japan. This however, is not going to happen on my watch.

I love the anime style girls we make, but I also take great fondness of the semi-real style characters that we are evolving too. While we still have much to learn in terms of sculpting and face design, I think our team is doing a great job on the semi-real line. The learning process is important - it enables us to grow and gives us a great sense of achievement when working on something new.

We do not want to do the same thing again and again for the masses - and never will. I will make sure that Smart Doll remains a platform that my team can use to learn and experiment so that they too can fulfill their dreams of starting up their own brand one day.

This is how it is and how it's always going to be - this is the way (cue Mandalorian Season 2 music).
Oh - this image is a peek of an up n coming superheroine - erm....anime-style yo....

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