Thursday, October 22 2020

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Fortitude available now. She symbolizes the mental and emotional strength needed to deal with the illnesses we may be born with or encounter during our lives.
The most difficult part of living with illness is that we don't know how things will play out but there is one thing for sure - stress and a bleak outlook will make the situation worse. Research shows that prolonged bouts of stress causes inflammations in the body, which can have adverse effects on an illness.

I have my fair share of illness including Asthma and Spinal Hernia. When I was diagnosed with the latter, I would ask myself, "why me?" But then one day the answer came to me - "why not me?"

I have no idea how my spinal hernia will play out in life but being depressed about it wasn't doing me any favors - especially when I realized that I had sciatica flares after a period of work-related stress.

Very recently after some annual health checkups, I was told I had a high risk of cancer and that I should go and get a Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy. During the few weeks leading up to those examinations, I told myself that if I did have cancer, then I would either get through it - but if not, then I lived the life that I wanted and am grateful for all the things I was able to do and for all the people I met in life. I remained optimistic and told myself that I didn't have time to kick the bucket yet - need to create more cute Smart Dolls!
Test results came back negative.

Fortitude is a reminder to keep a strong will and remain optimistic through illness - no matter how it plays out.

Oh by the way, the pink bikini is available now and the Icelandic Jacket is back in stock... for a bit.

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