Saturday, October 10 2020

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Despite the pandemic and one of our vinyl factory partners going kaput, Smart Doll has experienced growth that we have never seen before. The majority of new customers are families buying for children or grandparents. Folks were concerned about our business seeing that Smart Doll wasn't deemed an "essential item," but I've always felt that Smart Doll *is* essential for some folks, and the growth that we have experienced has demonstrated that this is indeed the case.

Our growth has meant that we need more space to not only stock stuff - but also to ensure that our team members can work more comfortably.

In 2014 we moved into the 2nd floor of our building, in 2015 we took over the 1st floor and made it into Mirai Store and next month we will take over the 5th floor - we plan to make it into a prototyping studio with room for inventory and some video games.

Up until now we rented an office nearby which got hit by a typhoon this time last year. Moving stock between buildings was never efficient nor fun but we worked with what we had.

Today was the tearing down of walls that the previous tenant had. Next week, they will rebuild the ceiling, paint over the green stripes, and lay down wooden flooring.

Since we launched Smart Doll back in June 2014, the business has accumulated a ton of stuff - products, prototypes and wot not and I want to lighten the load to facilitate a smooth move. For this reason, the Chaos section on the Smart Doll Online store has many items discounted - the "Chaos - Assembled Frame + Cortex Shell pack" for example is now a "buy one get two shell sets free" and cortex painted heads is now also a BOGO. Chaos items are only for existing Smart Doll owners who have previously purchased from our site though. The "Secret Stuff > Discounted" section contains items that anybody can buy.

Once we have a bit more room to breathe with the 5th floor added to our armory, many items will cease to be discounted so if there is anything you need then you may want to nab it now.
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