Thursday, October 29 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

TeamSmartdoll sends greetings from Okinawa :-)

Once a year we take our entire team overseas for a trip. This year we were thinking Los Angeles, Australia or New Zealand as possibilities but then the pandemic happened.

This year, wifey and I thought it would be nice to take the team to Okinawa - still in japan but feels like it’s overseas.
The tropical climate, vegetation, architecture and culture here in Okinawa is so different from what we normally experience in Tokyo that it does feel like we have left Japan - with the convenience of using the same money and cell phones - and most importantly - being able to travel this far during a pandemic.

The reported numbers of infected are very low and Japan has pretty much gone back to a new normal. Nearly everyone wears masks because they know it benefits society and allows Japan to get on with life without lockdowns.
Cinemas are open and I still need to see TENET!

These are photos of day one in Okinawa - we are staying on a tiny island called Kohamajima at a resort called Haimurubushi. So far its been awesome. #okinawa #japan #smartdoll

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