Thursday, October 1 2020

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Monday Afternoon Tea doing the dab cos she's happy that the Capri Pants and Frilly socks are finally out.
Tomorrow is our last day of shipping for the week. Order goodies by our 9AM JST tomorrow (another 12 hours from now) and we will ship good to go orders by our 5PM - else the next shipping slot will be our Monday next week 5PM.

"Good To Go" (GTG) is a term we use for orders that don't have complications. Orders that have complications such as merging are slightly delayed. Questions that a customer leaves with an order must be answered and usually entails a reply, which delays the customer's shipping.

First time orders are never GTG and must be checked by a human - we send email to the customer confirming the address and ask a few questions about how they discovered our brand or why they chose a particular Smart Doll.
Only when a newbie replies with the questions answered can we ship. One of the reasons we do this is because folks actually do input a wrong email or spelling mistake on their address.

Newbies should expect an automated mail sent by our system and a mail sent by a human that must be replied to ensure a speedy departure from Smart Doll Land.

Folks who regularly shop with us are usually GTG - fastest delivery is next day with most deliveries taking 2 - 3 days to arrive. How has our shipping speeds been for you of late?
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