Friday, September 25 2020

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Back in May this year I gave an update on milk stocks and said that we planned to keep milk option parts until the end of this year.
That was the plan and we did try. We continued to restock milk parts despite one of our slush casting facilities going kaput - and a pandemic affecting logistics.

As some of you are aware, Slush Casting is labor-intensive and unscalable. Cortex was supposed to alleviate this problem but it didn't quite work out as I expected. While casting was quicker - in some cases, assembly of Cortex took four times longer than vinyl! Cortex also took more than 10 times more storage space because one set is attached to 3 huge runners.

It's not only milk that's on the chopping block - option hand 3 for all skin tones, Millennium Boots Black and the knee pads all have to go. The team was beginning to feel the strain of the extra load so I made the decision to axe milk before it started to affect their well-being.

We could be a much more customer-centric company and make much more profit at the same time by having more selection as it seems there is still a demand for Milk. The cost to achieve this is something consumers don't give a sheep about - human cost.
Enforcing longer working hours in cramped working conditions (due to the extra space needed for inventory) will produce the goodies that consumers want.

Do a Google image search for "customer-centric" and you will see a bunch of diagrams that mention things like "customer experience" and "customer value" but very little of them even mention what makes customer-centricity a reality - the employee. From this result you can see just how many companies out there place little importance on the needs of the team.
But we are not most companies.

Folks who step into Smart Doll Land need to be warned that this is the way (looking forward to the Mandalorian Season 2!) and that this is how it always will be. Employees come before you ;-) If you don't like the sound of that then tough sheep I guess ;-)
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