Thursday, September 24 2020

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Available now - some folks call this a "Double Split Skirt" and some call it a "Double Slit Skirt" - but I chose to call this using the term "Slit" for a reason. This skirt is designed to remind us that we should invest time in trying to figure out our own reality - lemme explain.

There have been so many things that have happened throughout human history that we once couldn't explain. Science eventually came along and for the most part, events that affect our everyday life now have an explanation.

But as we take a closer look (and I do literally mean closer) at the world, "reality" is not what it seems.

In 1801, Thomas Young carried out an experiment known today as the "Double Slit Experiment" which not only changes our current understanding of reality - but prompts us to explore just how much of our lives are we really in control of.

This subject is extensive so instead of rewriting everything in my own words (which will take me a while - but will do so some time or another), I put a few links to videos in the product detail page on the Smart Doll online store.
By the time you have watched those videos, you will understand that reality changes depending on whether you are observing it - but as for the reasons why - nobody knows. It's this "unknown" that makes it possible for us to come up with our own conclusions. Have you invested time in your life to think about what reality means to you and how you can alter it? The human eye can only see a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum but there is so much more out there - much more than meets the eye - go and think about it for a while ;-)

Anyway, this Double Slit Skirt made in Iwakuni Japan has two functional zips on both sides so that you can wear the skirt open or closed - open on one side looks good too. The pocket flaps are fixed and can't be unsnapped - however, the slit above the pocket is functional so your Smart Doll girls can hide a small before-midnight snack. The skirt has been given the usual stone wash weathering followed by a wash in a fixing agent.
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