Monday, September 21 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

For the most part, Japan seems to be back to a new normal. Conventions are starting up with social distancing and hygiene rules, shops are mostly open, and even new shopping complexes and parks are opening like the new Miyashita Park in Shibuya.
For many moons, Miyashita Park was a run down shady area of Shibuya but not anymore - now the area has been turned into a shopping and restaurant complex with a long park overlooking Shibuya.

The park feels like New York's High Line but comes with a sanded volley ball court and skateboard areas. There is a lot of greenery for folks to relax and nom on the food that can be bought on site.

The park opened late this Summer so I guess many of you would not have seen it yet - do check it out when Japan opens up again - it's kinda refreshing to see such a relaxing space in the middle of shibuya.

Apart from the face masks and acrylic panels in shops and restaurants (the anti-spit ones) - oh and the social distancing signs, Japan really does seem to have entered a new normal.

What's it like now in your neck of the woods? Things easing up or locking down again?

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