Saturday, September 19 2020

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The last we tried Glamping, we stayed in a dome tent which was pretty much like staying in a room - it had air conditioning and was almost nearly sealed off from the outside.
However, this time, we took a small step outside our comfort zone and decided to stay in a tent - which appears to be sealed off from the outside but was actually filled with creepy crawlies ;-)

I previously wasn't a fan of bugs and would wince at the sight of them until I started to watch nature documentaries with fascination - now I'm ok watching a pile of writhing maggots while eating white rice ;)

We stayed at Mt.Shakushi Gateway Camp in a town called Fujiyoshida where Mount Fuji is located. I guess the oxygen levels there must be quite good because the bugs were huge! Whenever I see them though, I always say to myself that they were here first millions of years ago so let them be. The mosquitoes there left huge bites with blood marks!

It was our first time sleeping out in a tent and it was a very humbling experience where we took only the bare bone necessities with us - oh you know - stuff like a Smart Doll - this time Tomorrow joined us.

Showers are located in a separate area where each shower room caters for one only person which is great for pandemics. Toilets are clean but have huge flying bugs and spiders ;-)

The camp provides charcoal and a grill where you bring your own grub to cook. There is no electricity where we stayed so we were reliant on LED lights - this was great as all you could make out when the lights were off were the stars.
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