Monday, October 5 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The G04 and G05 head molds are complete and the first vinyl casts are looking good. More semi-real girls can now snack after midnight on any golden nuggets that they discover. I hear that after finding nuggets, one should hold them up in the air so that the nugget can solidify for a more savory crunchy bite.

This is the first G04 girl and as of now remains a candidate until we see more characters to compare. Next up will be a girl in the G05 head mold in Cocoa - in progress now and should be ready tomorrow or day after. I'm so excited about all the new girls that will be born from these two heads.

I recall so much negativity from the introduction of our semi-real girls - and then seeing those same folks ending up buying them ;-)
I do understand that folks have many tastes (crispy nuggets, soft nuggets etc) and that some would prefer big anime eyes, muted noses, real nostrils etc - which is why we will keep doing a fair share of each type. Each type of head style brings in incremental customers to our brand which enables us to create more of each type for all. Which type do you prefer?

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