Saturday, October 3 2020

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Strength in Tea sporting the soon to be released Britannia Dress & Panties set.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, I discovered Japanese culture in my early twenties which completely changed my life. My goal became one where I was to live and work in Japan. 

I eventually made it to the Land of the Rising Sun where I worked in the IT field and started to write a blog about life in Japan. I ended up working for the Japanese government as a board member on various committees for what's known as the "Cool Japan" initiative.

"Cool Japan" is everything that attracts non-Japanese folks to visit and consume Japanese products and contents.

It wasn't until I started working on Cool Japan, where I discovered an actual "Cool Britannia" movement back in the '90s.

Having lived nearly half of my life in Japan, I do miss the UK and planned to visit at least once a year after making a trip back to London in 2019 - and then the pandemic happened...

In the meantime, this Britannia Dress will keep my spirits high knowing that when I can visit the UK again - I will feast on fish n chips, saveloy, kebab, scotch eggs, crumpets and raid our local Tesco in Hackney for om noms.

Incase you are wondering where UK ranks in our top 10 region >
1. United States of America
2. Land of the Rising Sun
3. Germany (Me thinking of making an Oktoberfest outfit)
4. Great Britain
5. Canada
6. France
7. Australia
8. Netherlands
9. Singapore
10. Belguim
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