Sunday, September 6 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Have you heard of the term Glamping? It's a combo of Glamorous and Camping - a new type of business for folks who want to go camping but not have to deal with the hassle of all the equipment and experience involved.

I first heard of the term in Japan and thought it was a Japanese thing but then learned it was popular in other parts of the world too.

Since the pandemic started, we have not been keen to stay at a hotel as I presume the ventilation ducts are all connected - although I'm not an expert on ventilation systems and whether somebody in one room can affect somebody else in another.

So we decided to try out some Glamping at Myogi Green Hotel in Gunma - a couple of hour's drive from Tokyo.
They have a few dome tents completely segregated from the other tents and come with air conditioning too.

We ordered some grub that we cooked by the outdoor eating area also beside our tent - each tent has their own cooking area.

There is a separate building that has clean showers and toilets too.

The views from the terrace overlooking Mount Myogi are great.
With no signs of the pandemic coming to an end, it looks like camping is becoming more popular.

How many of you are camping guru's? #japan #camping

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