Wednesday, September 2 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Tomorrow is available now. You can choose between the classic version and the PCV (Prowess Cosplay Version). The PCV is no more and no less than the classic version with the Prowess whiskers ;-) The PCV version is wearing apparel in the photo but she comes with the white sports bra.
Classic Version will start shipping tomorrow and may take up to 20 days to ship all orders out.
PCV will start shipping early next week and may take 20 days to ship all orders out.
If you order both PCV and Classic then they will be shipped together. The PCV may not be available indefinitely.
Before buying please please read the blurb on the product detail page that sets expectations regarding the product - blurbs are there to protect the consumer from ending up with something they didn't want ;-)

Which version do you prefer? Prowess Cosplay or Classic?
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