Friday, August 28 2020

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In Japan, wearing a surgical mask has for a long time been part of the culture. Folks wear them when they are sick to prevent others from getting sick too. Folks also wear them due to allergies such as hayfever etc. There are even masks sold just to make one's face look small as it's considered "cute."

Whenever outdoors, I choose to wear a mask and have been doing so since the outbreak. However, there are niggling things about wearing a mask that I've always wanted to solve now that I wear them for extended periods of time.

For a start - smelling my own breath that smells of cow poo is just no. It's only when you wear a mask when you realize how much your breath can smell ;-)

The masks that I've tried up until now touch the face and get all moist - just no.

Also, when taking the mask off for food, I usually just roll them up and put them in my pocket which is

So I decided to design my own mask and this is the result. I'm trying to work out whether I can put a pocket inside the mask to store herbs or an area that I can dab on some fragrant oils to get rid of that cow poo smell.

I put large eyelets on the side of the mask to hang it off my belt so that the moisture can dry easier.

I also wanted a mask that was comfortable to breathe in for prolonged periods.
Made in Japan, the linen for the masks are made in small batches from natural organic fibers which is why the surface has many wabi-sabi blemishes.
I've been field testing these for a while and they are really comfortable to wear and breathe in.

They don't however, have any antibacterial coatings or filters and cannot be used for medical purposes.
They will however, let you get into Walmart and Starbucks to get your groceries or coffee and save others from smelling your cow breath - and probably catch large droplets of liquid for when somebody who chose not to wear a mask sneezes near you.

The original plan was to make these to solve the niggling that issues I had and give them to family and staff members. But then I thought that these would look good for our Smart Dolls too so we will start prototyping next week.

Any color combos your fancy from the palette? #japan #facemask

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