Wednesday, August 26 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

This sculpt has been specifically created for cocoa girls. I was hesitant to show you as we are often called racist (online and in mail (mail signed by multiple parties)) for developing sculpts in milk tones first.

We develop in lighter skin tones first for a variety of reasons. One is that we have had challenges sourcing cocoa filament. However, we have recently found a company called colorfabb who may be able to make custom colored filament for us.

Even if we can eventually get hold of cocoa color filament, we would only be able to see what a prototype would look like. Production will still be in lighter tones as the craftsmen and women need to be able to see a contrast between the face makeup and the skin so that they can accurately make and chisel the paint masks.

Once the mold and masks are ready, then we can finally see what the product will look like.

We do get a sense of how the sculpt would look like in a darker skin tone in the 3D modeling stage in ZBrush.

This girl has already undergone a few tweaks, and we will start production of the slush cast molds soon. Wig in the photo is a placeholder.

3D modeling is by our resident 3D engineer TOYA.
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