Saturday, August 22 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Out and about with Monday Afternoon Tea field testing some new apparel items including capri pants, frilly socks, nubuck black lace boots, slim knit cardigan, baseball cap and pilot goggles. The cap and goggles needs much more tweaking.

Field testing is an important part of the development process and must be done while traveling.

For example today I discovered that it would be nice to hang the goggles around the neck so we need to change the design of the strap attachments. The goggles are also useful for keeping the hair at bay for those who do not have a hat so the strap design needs to change to fit various head sizes.

I also wanted to put the Deal With It Glasses on the cap but the cap width is too wide - so i will put two slots somewhere to accommodate the temple of the glasses.

Which of these items tickles your fancy?

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