Thursday, August 20 2020

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Please excuse the finish of this prototype as she is straight off the 3D printer. I wanted to show her to you as soon as possible as I'm quite excited about this new sculpt that we have been working on for many moons - one of these photos shows you just some of the previous prototypes.

The concept was to create a slightly younger version of the Genesis mold with nugget caves (nostrils). The sculpt of the nasolabial fold, eye size and lip volume makes so much difference in creating this new mold.
The final version will have marginally softer contours as hard edges are removed by mother nature through the electroforming process of the slush cast molds.

The next step is to do a product mockup which involves taking a 3D print, sanding down the surface, spraying it in cinnamon and doing a product level faceup.

Once we think everything looks fine, we do the same surface finishing for the Master print that will become the slush cast molds. A Master has to be printed about 3 - 4% larger than the product size - this depends on the shape. Longer objects will shrink lengthways etc. I'll talk about shrinkage rates in the super mega detailed article "How to make your own vinyl fashion doll."

3D sculpting done on Z-brush by TOYA.

Oh - the hoodie is a prototype with a missing hoodie cord. I need to decide on a color for the hoodie and print for the chest.
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