Thursday, August 20 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

It has come to my attention that some folks wanted to wear the bodysuits without pulling the leggings over the feet - my bad that I didn't explain adequately as I presumed that the photos showing them worn over the feet were clear - obviously not.

As such I have updated the detail pages stating that they must be worn over the feet and if not then the leggings (which are calculated to length to accomodate the feet) will look wrinkled towards the crotch - and a wrinkly crotch is not something to brag about.

Also, Some folks felt that the color of the suits were too far off from the vinyl color. I attempted to set expectations by clearly mentioning at the time of listing (before people pay money yo) "In certain lighting conditions, the color may seem vastly different from the skin tone of the doll" but it looks like this was not good enough.

Thus I added this sentence twice in case somebody skipped it and also mentioned "Under certain lighting conditions folks may feel that it looks completely different (night and day)."

I'm not sure if the "night and day" is clear enough or whether I should add more.

I've added to the product detail pages for the bodysuits "Given the amount of things that certain folks may not like about this product, I thoroughly do not recommend this product - to these certain folks ;-)"

Even though I tried to set expectations about our products, when folks don't read or observe specs on the product detail page, they claim that I use Wabi-sabi as an excuse for poor worksmanship. However I have yet to be given an explanation of why we have an outlet section for rejects.

I could have simply got rid of the outlet and sell anything regardless of condition which would cost us way less in terms of wo/man power, storage and effort involved in sorting and listing outlet items.

I will continue to try my best to forsee all situations that a potential customer may want to use our products and set expectations to help avoid a regrettable purchase.
I'm actually in the middle of writing a "top reasons to avoid Smart Doll" article for the Smart Doll website that will be linked to from the shopping cart ;-) #smartdoll

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