Wednesday, September 9 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Not sure why but I've been in contact with many zombies of late. Playing the Last Of Us II, recently watched the Korean movie "Train to Busan presents Peninsula" and about to watch Alive on Netflix - all Zombie content. Maybe its something to do with the pandemic.

So, I was inspired to see if we could jump on the bandwagon and come up with a zombie girl now that we have Interstellar Blue. After much research, we decided to go against the half-of-jaw-bone-showing-with-flesh-dropping-off look n feel and go for something more palatable instead.

Not entirely sure whether to proceed with production unless you give the go ahead. And if we do put her in production, then she needs a name too. In case you are wondering - the zombie hands in hand pack three have not been casted for blue yet so had to do with the default for the photos.

By the way, Peninsula was really good! Which reminds me - I think I do good Zombie acting. If you are a movie director then please ask me - I will do it for free or even pay to be a zombie.
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