Friday, August 7 2020

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Up until now we have created various DIY products for Smart Dolls but this is by far the simplest. The most "difficult" thing about assembly would be inserting the shins (no glue required) but it’s still easier than putting on our wigs!
If you do happen to get hold of one of these kits then follow the steps shown in the photos. The thigh has the thigh frame socket inside which flops about until you insert the shin plug - you can't push the plug in directly as it requires a bit of wriggling.

The rest of the kit is simple which involves putting the bust on the torso and then plugging in the arms and wrists. Make sure not to leave gaps when plugging in the wrist or arm joints.

The head socket is small by default. Kneel the doll on a soft surface, place the head on the neck joint and slowly wriggle the head onto the neck joint by applying force in a downwards motion. Do not put your fingers on the face as you may squish their eyes - in which case it will be too late - for you. If this happens then you are advised to drop everything and leave the area immediately before the Smart Doll grabs a spoon and comes after your eyes.

This kit does not include the tote bag nor does it include the sports bra undies. Telescopic stand is included as well as the painted head with pre-set eyes and telescopic stand.

As for how to get hold of this kit - well the Smart Doll online store works in mysterious ways with portals that open and close ;-)
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