Monday, August 3 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Interstellar Blue Moment 3rd sample is back and she's looking good! I do want to set expectations however about the blue tone. All of our Smart Doll face designs are asymmetrical and do not align with the mouth or eye molds perfectly (Mirai has a bigger left eye than her right eye for example and is slightly different for each and every doll because they are still painted with paint masks by humans) - on humanoid skin tones the misalignment is not that noticeable but when it comes to blue - its noticeable just like you can see in these photos of Moment.

Each vinyl pull will be slightly different in shape which is affected by pull angle, temperature and other environmental factors - so even with paint masks, each face will look slightly different.

Folks already complain that we don't have symmetrical faces so our blue girls and boys will most certainly be a deal breaker - if this is the case please avoid buying Interstellar Blue so that there can be enough to go around for those who (like me) are good with this margin of wabi-sabi.

Some folks understandably expect perfect machine made products that all look the same - unfortunately because our Terminator models (robots that can make stuff look exactly the same) were all sent to the past and then destroyed by some "Connor" - we continue to ask our talented team of humans to handcraft each and every Smart Doll.
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