Monday, August 17 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The sculpt used for Monday is simply called the "Monday Sculpt" which is influenced by the vintage/classic porcelain aesthetic. Monday was supposed to be introduced as an April Fools but we didn't get to finish on time - but just like an April Fools - she stirred up a lot of reactions both yays and nays just as keikaku (note: "keikaku" means plan)

For now I'm going to leave girls (and boys?) with the Monday Sculpt in the Semi-real section but do note that the Monday Sculpt does not use eyes labeled Semi-real. The eyes for the Monday Sculpt are actually bigger. Do not put the smaller Semi-real eyes in the Monday Sculpt as you won't be able to unsee what you did.

By the time we start to release other characters using the Monday Sculpt I would have come up with a name for the series.

I believe that Monday and friends will bring much value to Smart Doll in the same way that Semi-real did.

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