Thursday, July 30 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Team Interstellar Blue waiting for more members to show up next week - Singularity Anime Ver and Moment. Trying out a palette for Chitose Muti-stellar-verse but needs more work before I can show you anything. I was thinking of doing a Blue Monday - did you see what I did there?

As mentioned previously, while we wait for the frames to be injection molded, I can let go of two of the Interstellar Blue girls before the public release - one will be prowess and I'm still deciding on the other. Two of you will be the first people in the world to get hold of them. They are final product versions.
To stand a chance of getting hold of them you will have to be brave and risk getting a beach pebble...
If you understand what I’m talking about then read the blurb (will be updated soon) carefully on the product detail page before buying.
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