Thursday, July 30 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The Interstellar Blue frame is finally at a stage where we are happy with the vinyl color match. It's not a 100% match but we think its good enough so now we need to order more pellets for the injection molding. This will take another 5 weeks at least so in the mean time we will start to cast the vinyl. Do note that the spine is a unified color for all Smart Doll's no matter the skin tone as it's not so visible from the outside. The orange color of the spine comes from the movie Chappie.

The paint masks for Singularity Anime Version is ready but need to confirm color of the yellow eyes again as the first run looked too orange.
Prophecy will get her run of Interstellar Blue and I think she looks gorgeous. Although she does complain from time to time about the lack of glasses that fit all of her eyes...

We do have final products on hand but just not enough frames. I will release some of the blue girls on the Smart Doll website but as how to get them - well you will just have to chance it and be brave...
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