Friday, July 24 2020

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As some of you are already aware, character development involves many stages - each taking many moons. Some of these stages involve waiting for Mother Nature to electroplate face masks so no matter how many resources we focus on one project - there will always be stages that involve playing the waiting game.

For this reason we constantly develop characters - if we focused on only a couple then there would be a lot of sitting around doing nothing.
If you are running a business, beknowist there will be many factors (internal and external - production, contracts, logistics, licensing, sourcing constraints, viruses etc) that will affect the speed of your projects - this is why its important to have many projects running in parallel - just make sure its not toooo many projects that will overload your boat. We could get more out the door if we worked long hours like a typical Japanese company - but you already know the score and my team need their Ghost Of Tsushima time at home ;-)

You will notice that every time I post a new girl you will see the "what about meow meow and moo moo?" comments. Its difficult to reply with the same answer to each and every one on top of the hundreds of mails we get asking the same thing. So if you see a load of "where is my?!" comments without a reply - you know why ;-)

Aaaaanyway, take a lookie at this new cutie! This prototype ended up having small details that are not great for electroplating so we will make a few tweaks but will make sure she stays as cute as she currently is. She needs a name before we make a copy for electroplating.
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