Sunday, August 16 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The hunt to find nature within 2 hours drive from Tokyo continues - but nature with a difference - nature with as few humans as possible.
We found a nice beach in Kashima Ibaraki which was about an hour 15 mins drive from Tokyo. What was odd about it was that one half of the beach was swarming with people while the other half had practically nobody. My guess was that they preferred safety in numbers? Lifeguards are off for the season due to Covid.

We chose the empty half. There were no warning signs on the empty half of the beach regarding deadly sea creatures such as sirens but the crowded part of the beach did in the form of "swimming is forbidden" !

The water was surprisingly clear. I always thought the beaches on this side of Japan were murky.

Getting away from the city is good especially as there is not much around Gotanda apart from concrete.
Does your neck of the woods have a fare share of greenery or are you also in a concrete city?

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