Sunday, August 16 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Bridal Dress 2020 production is complete - we just need more time to QC and pack before we can release. As with the previous bridal dresses that we have made - this will be a very limited batch as they take ages to make - it's been six months since I first showed you the prototype. Goes well with the white or crystal pumps.

The design is similar to the 2018 version with a lower bust cut and shoulder straps that you can wear on or off the shoulder. It's a bit of a squeeze to get the dress on though. Looks best with Medium Smooth bust. Probably won't fit the Large Smooth bust.

You need to dismember your Smart Doll but make sure to ask forgiveness before doing it. The torso goes under and up through the dress and the bust goes top down. The hooks at the back are very tight and you will have to squish the bust a bit to do them up. If you are worried about the vinyl getting deformed then you can use a hairdryer when you remove the dress to force the vinyl back to its original shape. If you are still concerned then best to avoid this product.

As with all our bridal dress items up until now - they need to be handled with care. There could possibly be a few short threads left on purpose which if cut will render something falling off.

No ETA for release but as usual - they will be released when we feel QC is ready.

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